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Valheim passes 10 million sold copies

And the developer has affirmed that the Mistlands expansion is still set to come later this year.

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For a few of months, it seemed like Valheim would smash every sales record to pieces by selling at a pace that made The Flash look like a slug in comparison. After reaching 6-7 million sold games last fall, it slowed down to some extent though.

But not selling at a light speed, isn't the same thing as slow though and Valheim has continued to climb pretty fast, and late yesterday, the official Twitter account of the game wrote:

"Valheim has sold over 10 million copies! Thank you to every single one of you who got us to this milestone - when we launched the game we could never in our wildest dreams have imagined this!"

Iron Gate is still developing more content for the game, and later this year, we can look forward to the Mistlands expansion with plenty of new content like more weapons, and first and foremost a new area to explore.


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