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UFC 2009 Undisputed

UFC "at war" with EA

"EA doesn't give a shit about MMA"

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After reports of the UFC telling not only their own stable of fighters, but also anyone ever wanting to break into the world's premier mixed martial arts organisation that they would be black listed if they signed up to be in the upcoming EA MMA game from EA Sports, UFC president Dana White has spoken with MMAJunkie on the subject.

"We put our asses on the line, THQ and the UFC, to make a video-game deal in the worst economy in the world. We go out there and do this thing, and it's successful, and now fucking EA Sports wants to do a video game. Really? That's not what you told us a year-and-a-half ago."

"You told us you'd never be in business with us. They wouldn't even take a meeting because mixed martial arts disgusted them. This wasn't a real sport. Boy, they got over that real quick, didn't they?"

"I'm not tap-dancing around this thing or whatever. I'm telling you straight-up, I'm at war with them right now. That's how I look at it."

"You know what the difference is?" White asked. "I'm in the mixed martial arts business. EA isn't. "EA doesn't give a shit about mixed martial arts. They made that very clear."

UFC 2009: Undisputed released in May has sold in excess of two million units worldwide, and EA Sports officially announced EA MMA at E3 in early June. One UFC fighter that will appear in EA MMA is the former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Randy "The Natural" Couture. He will not be thrown out of the UFC, however as this matter was dealt with during recent court proceedings. This is most likely also the reason why Randy Couture did not appear in UFC 2009: Undisputed.

One interesting note is that EA Sports was the main sponsor of the recent Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale with ads for Fight Night Round 4 adorning the octagon.

UFC 2009 Undisputed
UFC 2009 Undisputed
UFC 2009 Undisputed

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