Guitar Hero Live

Ubisoft picks up Guitar Hero Live developers

Freestyle Games lives on under a new ownership as Ubisoft Leamington.

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Freestyle Games are responsible for titles like DJ Hero and Guitar Hero Live and we just learned that the developer was recently sold on to Ubisoft, by previous owners Activision. The new studio will be called Ubisoft Leamington and Ubisoft informs us that they will work closely with other studios to make sure big AAA-titles continue to grow and prosper. At the very same time Ubisoft writes in their own blog that Ubisoft Reflections and the all-new Leamington-studio will be run by new boss Richard Blenkinsop.

Blenkinsop added: "we're thrilled to have their expertise within the group, and the team at Reflections are looking forward to creating great things together!"

Activision's decision to sell off Freestyle Games is likely the end (at least for now) for Guitar Hero, but Ubisoft adds an experienced team with particular expertise in rhythm games and live operations. It should be noted though, the prior to the sale the studio was downsized last year when 50 people were made redundant.

Meanwhile, former Ubisoft Reflections boss Pauline Langourieux decided to take a position that's more hands-on with production.

Guitar Hero Live
Guitar Hero LiveGuitar Hero Live

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