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Little Big Planet Vita

Two new PS Vita bundles

Tie-ins with LBP and Black Ops Declassified

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Sony announced two new upcoming PS Vita bundles at its Gamescom conference.

As expected, the two tie in with the biggest games coming for the system this winter: first is the Little Big Planet Vita bundle, putting the game and Wi-Fi version of the console together for 249.99 Euros (expect similar numbers in the UK) and a Black Ops Declassified Edition bundle that comes with the game plus a console with a customised rear panel, along with a Black Ops pouch.

No price has been given yet, but given the emphasis of the title's multiplayer, don't be surprised if it comes with the 3G version of the machine and therefore a slightly higher RRP.

The bundles join the Assassin's Creed III: Liberation bundle announced at E3 that comes packaged with a crystal white PS Vita - and given Sony's push of the handheld's big names this Christmas run, don't expect them to be the last either.

Little Big Planet Vita

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