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Twitter announces 71% 'spike' in esports traffic

For all the hurt and worry that this current pandemic is causing, it's having a positive effect on the world of remote esports.

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Esports has long seemed like a foreign world to many. It's a contemporary craze that's slowly wormed its way into the fore of gaming and today, the industry is garnering fans and players from all across the world.

Twitter as we know, is a social media platform on which people sign in to see the latest and breaking news, and have their say on said news. The platform has this week announced a 71% increase in the number of people talking about esports through the final two weeks of March.

The site's Head of Gaming Content Partnerships, Rishi Chadha, revealed the figures, and revealed that FaZe Clan - very much the front-runners in the world of esports - have been the most-talked-about aspect of esports over the past month after they launched a weekly, pro-am gaming tournament for charity called #Fight2Fund.

Twitter announces 71% 'spike' in esports traffic
Photo: Eleague

Thanks, Sportspromedia.

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