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Apex Legends

Today's stream is dedicated to Apex Legends Season 1

Season 1 and a new Battle Pass have just landed alongside Octane, so we're heading in for another round with Respawn's game.

Respawn has only just introduced Season 1 to Apex Legends along with a new Battle Pass, and this has meant people are diving back into Apex with full force to earn the rewards available to them. Oh, and also to play with the new Legend - Octane.

We're enjoying Apex Legends' first season ourselves, so we'll be getting stuck in on today's stream yet again to see how we can do. If you're interested in seeing us take on the world with two other Legends then be sure to check out our live page at 15:00 GMT (16:00 CET), where we'll be trying to get those precious victories.

Apex Legends