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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Today we're playing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint with Sam Fisher

With the game getting a major expansion today along with a huge number of quality of life improvements, we're diving back in for another look.

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launched last year to a lukewarm reception, prompting Ubisoft to go back to the drawing board and think again about how to handle the tactical shooter. The major changes inspired by that rethink can be found here, but those quality of life improvements are also landing alongside a fairly substantial content drop that stars Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher (voiced by Michael Ironside, naturally).

That being the case, we're going to take Breakpoint out for another spin to see what's changed and to check out the new content. To see how the game is shaping up after its time back in the oven, simply tune into our GR Live page at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET (although please note that we're banking on Ubisoft sticking to advertised maintenance times, and there's a chance that the stream's start may be pushed back a little if the publisher runs behind schedule for whatever reason).

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

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