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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Sam Fisher sneaks his way into Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

The latest major update arrives in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and on top of Splinter Cell-themed DLC, there is a raft of changes to take note of.

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Launching today, March 24, Breakpoint will be entering version 2.0.0 alongside one of its biggest quality of life updates so far (information on that will follow on later down the page). Arguably the most exciting sliver of information to come out of the patch notes and Deep State trailer is the introduction of a Ubisoft fan favourite: Sam Fisher is back. For the first time in Breakpoint, players will fight alongside the elusive covert operative.

Best known for his role in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher has not been in a title game since Blacklist in 2013. More recently there was a crossover event within Ghost Recon: Wildlands where Fisher fought alongside Nomad. Within the new trailer that showcases the arrival of Fisher in Auroa, you hear him say: "Nomad, I'm glad you haven't gone soft since Bolivia" - a clear callback to the missions in Wildlands. Now he is going after someone called 'The Strategist', who's responsible for kidnapping military specialists.


There's more in the patch notes linked below about what you can expect from this new update, but here are the basics:

Aside from the new missions, Breakpoint will see a whole range of new content, bug fixes, changes to the way things have been played, and more. Most notable are the two brand new classes that are being introduced: the Engineer Class and the Echelon Class. The Engineer as expected will be more tech-focused in an attempt to take down enemies, whereas the Echelon will be more stealth focused and take a more lethal approach to combat with a unique set of special abilities.

Also introduced with Version 2.0.0 are some new gunsmith changes and additions, an ability to mass sell or dismantle large amounts of weapons in one go. Quick equip will allow players to automatically equip items straight from the ground without having to go through the menus. Alongside this, there will be four new maps added to the game and map voting will now become available when in the pre-game lobbies. All of this and so much more will add up to make Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's biggest updates yet. For the full list of patch notes be sure to head to the Ubisoft website and check it out for yourselves.

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