There is a Collector's Edition of Owlboy coming

Special edition for PS4 and Switch limited to 6,000 copies.

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Do you know of Owlboy? If not, you really should catch up on the beautiful and critically acclaimed platformer from D-Pad Studios (read our review) originally released on PC in 2016 after a decade in development. Since then the game has been released on Nintendo Switch and most recently on PS4 and Xbox One. But that's not all, now we know there's a physical release of the Switch and PS4 versions planned for May 29.

Recently distribution partner Soedesco teased a special limited edition of the physical release (or two, one red and one blue). There will apparently only be 6,000 copies printed of the limited edition, so if you're an Owlboy fan you may want to make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this one.


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REVIEW. Written by Jon Calvin

"Some modernised 2D platformers add nothing to the genre they seek to revitalise, Owlboy doesn't suffer from this fallacy."

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