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Apex Legends

The Sentinels sign Apex Legends roster

Another organisation moves into Apex Legends, signing former Fortnite and Overwatch players to compete in Respawn's game.

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Esports organisation The Sentinels have revealed that they've joined the Apex Legends competitive scene by signing their own squad, comprised of Morgan 'Payne' Redfield Jr., Jared 'Zombs' Gitlin, and Nathan 'Xretzi' Telen, all of which played in the Twitch Rivals Road to TwitchCon event yesterday.

Payne played in the Twitch Rivals event before and took home a second-place finish, also experiencing success in Fortnite as well. While he's good with Bangalore, Zombs is a Lifeline main, and has played Overwatch before with the likes of FaZe Clan and Skyfoxes. Xretzi also played on Skyfoxes, and plays as Wraith in Apex.

"We are excited for the opportunity to put together such a fantastic and competitive team in Apex and continue our goals of growing into new and exciting spaces," says Charlie Lipsie, Director of Esports.

"Apex Legends has had one of the most successful launches in video game history for the free-to-play space and the timing for us was perfect to form a team as we look to aggressively expand the Sentinels brand," adds Rob Moore, company founder.

Plenty of organisations have already signed Apex Legends players, and just last week we reported that Twitch Rivals is bringing Apex and LoL to TwitchCon Europe, so the esports scene for Respawn's game is growing.

Is this a good squad?

Apex Legends
Photo: The Sentinels

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