The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home gets 'Story Mode' to ease difficulty

Daedalic responds quickly to player feedback.

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German developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment has confirmed plans to update the recently released The Long Journey Home with a 'story mode'. We enjoyed the game (see our review), but certainly felt frustration at times. This mode will make exploring and getting to know the universe a lot easier on the player, so they can gain knowledge ahead of more testing runs in the Adventure (formerly known as Explorer) and Rogue modes. Basically, most aspect of the games have been looked at and the difficulty toned down in this new Story Mode. You can see a list of the tweaks below:

• Reduced planetary difficulty conditions
• More abundant galactic resources
• Resources worth more in trade and for ship repair/maintenance
• Increased Lander strength
• Reduced impact/heat/environmental/drilling damage in the Lander
• Reduced fuel consumption in the Lander
• Enemies cannot lock player into Encounter
• Aliens offer more credits and more generous deals in trade
• Reduced flyover damage in event of failed orbit
• Greatly reduced pirate presence
• Larger orbit window

Daedalic has also made some more general changes:

• Explorer mode renamed "Adventure Mode"
• Devices now require timed button press to uninstall/destroy
• Can now jump back to same system if required
• Lander rotation speed and thruster agility increased
• Reduced pirate presence
• Native fullscreen mode
• Many bug-fixes and scripting tweaks

Daedalic promises that further improvements and updates are in development. The plan is for the game to launch on PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

The Long Journey Home

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