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The Holo-Days are coming to Apex Legends

'Tis the season to be jolly in the latest Apex Legends content drop.

It has been a very successful 2019 for Respawn's battle royale shooter Apex Legends - less than a year since its release the game has hit a milestone of 70 Million registered players worldwide, a massive number for any game. Apex Legends has also attended its first The Game Awards, walking away with the best Multiplayer Game award, a high honour for the game no doubt.

As we're now in the holiday season it's time we start seeing themed events gracing our screens, and that's exactly what we have seen from Apex Legends. Available to play now, the new Holo-Day Bash event sees the world of Apex spruced up for the festive season. The event introduces a new limited-time mode - Winter Express, a non-battle royale point capture mode between three teams of three - exclusive event challenges to unlock new cosmetics including two legendary weapon skins, 24 event-themed 'premium cosmetics' available to purchase with Apex Coins and also available through the Holo-Day Bash packs.

Also available to unlock is the Pathfinder Heirloom set. This can be unlocked for free if you acquire all 24 new cosmetics. For those who do not manage to unlock all cosmetics, the set will go into standard Apex Packs post-event.

The limited-time event is available for all to enjoy now and kickstarts with a double XP weekend from December 13-16.

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