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The Game Awards 2022 has "50-plus games involved"

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The Game Awards usually is one of the greatest video game events of the year with a combination of relevant entertainment, awards and plenty of new announcements. And it seems like The Game Awards 2022 won't be any different, according to the founder, producer and host Geoff Keighley.

In an interview with Video Games, he says there will be more than 50 video games involved while talking about leaks:

"It's always tough because when you have 50-plus games involved in some way, something's gonna get out. But yeah, [we have a] pretty good history, knock on wood, with the show and we usually keep some surprises."

As expected, there will be both brand new games shown, but also new content from already known titles. Keighley explains:

"I don't have a number for you, but it's consistent with past years. We've got some existing games that are announced that will show brand new content, and then we've got a lot of new games to reveal as well. Lots of speculation online already about what will or won't be there. I'm sure some rumors are probably not right, and they're only going to intensify in the coming weeks."

The Game Awards 2022 kicks of at the somewhat ungodly hour of 00:30 GMT / 01:30 CET on December 9, so make sure you come prepared with coffee and Monster Energy drinks.

The Game Awards 2022 has "50-plus games involved"

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