Doom 3 BFG Edition

The future of Doom, Rage and id

GRTV Interview with Tim Willits.

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We caught up with id's studio director Tim Willits at Bethesda's booth at E3 to talk the company's upcoming re-release of Doom 3 with the BFG Edition, but conversation soon turned to other matters.

Here's a few choice snippets:

On going 3D

"The programmers learnt a lot from id Tech 5 and Rage, There's actually some id Tech 5 components that we moved back into Doom 3. We think our 3D tech is really good and I think it's actually better than some modern day first-person 3D games."

On BFG Edition's Multiplayer

"It's the same multiplayer that we had in Doom 3, and of course you've got the multiplayer in Doom and Doom 2 as well. You can do the whole lot, from the game that invented it, all the way up."

On Rage's future

"We have a few things that we may announce soon. We haven't forgotten about the title."

On the company's plans for iOS

We need to evaluate to see if we want to continue it. The iOS programmers [for Rage mobile] have been helping us with Doom and Doom 2, especially on the PlayStation 3. They're tasked with the BFG Edition. Once we get this done, we'll validate where the iOS plan is going."

On adapting for the future

"We're building our tech team to take advantage of the trends that are shaping up, especially the social aspect of gaming that's just exploding, we're trying to structure our engineering team, our core tech team, to prepare for the future."

Check out the full interview here.


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