Ghostrunner 2

The first song from Ghostrunner 2's soundtrack has been revealed

'Aerial Assault' comes from returning composer, Daniel Deluxe.

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Ahead of its launch later this month, a new track from Ghostrunner 2's soundtrack has been released on 505 Games' YouTube channel. Titled 'Aerial Assault,' the track is from composer Daniel Deluxe, who also scored the original's soundtrack. As well as Deluxe, the soundtrack will also feature Arek Reikowski, Dan Terminus, Gost and We Are Magonia.

We were recently able to play the game at this year's Gamescom and we were impressed with what we were able to see. We concluded our preview by stating "That Ghostrunner brilliance that allowed the game to apply to speedrunners, technical players, and everyone in between, makes its return here, and generally speaking it all comes together to make this sequel precisely what I hoped it would be: more Ghostrunner goodness."

Ghostrunner 2 is planned to launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series on 26th October.

Ghostrunner 2

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