The Ascent

The Ascent celebrates Xmas with free Winter Pack DLC

Some new cosmetics are available and the ability to throw snowballs has also arrived.

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It's almost Christmas time and clearly this is something that's celebrated even in dystopian sci-fi-cities. It's time to be jolly in The Ascent, which has now got a free Winter Pack DLC. It includes both new cosmetics (we really like the Buttercup outfit, so very merry) but also a new tool for gameplay: a snowball.

You can check all of this out in the trailer below, and further down is also a list of everything included. The Ascent is available for both PC and Xbox, an is included with Xbox Game Pass, but it seems to be heading to PlayStation as well. Assuming it's a six month time exclusive deal, it should arrive late January to Sony consoles.


Get festive with the following new content:

Snowball: Throw with the intent to stagger but not kill - to be jolly but not homicidal. A snowball fight is always fun and games, until someone loses an eye. Remember, play ice!

And three new fashion apparels:

Buttercup headgear: 'Tis the season of strange on Veles. Horrible visibility, highly flammable and with questionable street cred.

Red Danger headgear: Warm your nose and make a statement to boot. A bright red nose like a true alpha, and antlers for immediate intimidation. Don't listen to the fools that say you look silly.

Festive shirt: A festive Winter T-shirt

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