The Art of Blasphemous now available for pre-orders

A limited run of the 198-page collector's book is open for reservation until February 19.

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One of the most interesting indie hits of 2019 was The Game Kitchen's Blasphemous, a bloody platform-adventure combining soulslike and Metroidvania elements against a unique backdrop. The Sevillian studio took inspiration for both artwork and storyline from the Spanish classical artists, religion, and folklore, and thus you can find characters, scenarios, and monsters influenced by Goya, Velázquez or the Semana Santa.

Now, the game's daring and striking artwork can be enjoyed by collectors with The Art of Blasphemous, a massive hard-covered 198-page artbook that is now available for pre-order. The high-quality edition shows up at the GTM store for 39.99€ with a caveat: reservations will stop on February 19, as this is a limited run to start shipping on March 6.

The deluxe artbook was originally conceived as part of a special tier for backers who pledged for "The Scribe" edition back when Blasphemous was funded on Kickstarter, but then it was made available to a broader audience. Here's a glimpse at the book itself.

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