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Goldeneye 007

The 24-year ban on Goldeneye 007 in Germany appears to have been lifted

Could the iconic shooter be set to make a comeback?

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In a strange turn of events, it appears that Goldeneye 007 is no longer banned in Germany after a period of 24 years. An eagle-eyed Reddit user, known as Shin_Ken, has reported that the N64-era shooter has now been removed from the German BPjM list of "Media Harmful to Young Persons." According to the source, this has been actively requested to be removed from one of Nintendo's European partners, which is pretty eyebrow-raising indeed.

This strange request has caused fans to speculate whether the iconic shooter could making a return in future. Nintendo has just recently introduced N64 games to its Switch Online service, and we already know that fellow Rare title Banjo-Kazooie will be making an appearance. Could Goldeneye be yet another title from the UK-based developer to follow suit?

Goldeneye 007

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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