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Team 17 is publishing Blasphemous, coming this year

The Game Kitchen's dark platformer has a brand new trailer as well, showing more of the cursed land.

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Team 17 has announced that they'll act as publisher for The Game Kitchen's Blasphemous, and what's more is that we have a brand new trailer to watch down below, getting us ready to enter the forsaken land of Cvstodia.

You play as The Penitent One in Blasphemous, and you need to free the world from the curse that has befallen it, all while being trapped in a cycle of death and resurrection. As you can see from the trailer, this will mean fighting for your life, and there are executions and combos to discover as you go.

Bloodstained is coming to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One this year. Are you interested in what it has to offer?


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REVIEW. Written by Ben Lyons

"Blasphemous is a gory and creepy action-platformer set in a non-linear 2D pixel world, featuring a variety of enemies, equippable items, and traversable environments."

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