Take a look at our Owlboy gameplay on the Switch

The game landed on PS4 and Xbox One this week.

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D-Pad Studio's Owlboy is a game we've very much enjoyed in the past, as indicated by our review, and now it's landed on PS4 and Xbox One this week, so even more gamers can enjoy the beauty of this pixel-art platformer.

We recently played this indie darling to celebrate the launch on these two consoles, but at the time of our livestream these weren't officially launched, so instead we showcased the game on the Nintendo Switch, another platform that gamers can try the game out on.

You can watch the full thing down below, which might give you an idea of whether you want to give it a go or not. Have you made your mind up yet?


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REVIEW. Written by Jon Calvin

"Some modernised 2D platformers add nothing to the genre they seek to revitalise, Owlboy doesn't suffer from this fallacy."

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