SureFire GX3 HDD & SSD Showcase & Giveaway!

You could be in the running for some new hardware!

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SureFire GX3 HDD & SSD Showcase & Giveaway!

SureFire is the exciting new brand owned by Verbatim GmbH specially designed for PC and console gaming enthusiasts. By the end of the year they plan on having over 20 gaming products launched, including gaming mice, headsets, hubs, and others but first on show are the GX3 Gaming Hard Drive and the GX3 Gaming SSD external storage drives. But, what makes them special and how can you win one for yourself right here? Watch the video and keep on reading to find out.

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In order to be in the running to win either a GX3 HDD or GX3 SSD all you need to do is answer the following question in the comments:

What Surefire product or product category are you most excited for and why?

Here at Gamereactor we occasionally make an agreement with a partner to make one or more informative videos about a given product. This means that the video here, although produced in accordance with the Gamereactor team, is sponsored, which you can read more about by clicking the link above.

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