Subnautica gets a stealth submarine in Silent Running update

There are other upgrades too.

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Underwater sandbox survival game Subnautica has received a new Silent Running update, and alongside some major changes to the Cyclops vehicle, the update also improves the UI, adds more Precursor caves, and improves the model quality of various items and textures.

The 'Silent Running' mode for the Cyclops now turns the vessel into a slower-moving stealth submarine, and during this mode all of the outside lighting gets turned off, the interior lighting changes to red, and the vehicle moves "exceedingly slowly". It's ideal for evading hostile sea creatures that are now more inclined than ever to target your submersible.

Other upgrades include a new sonar scan and display that identifies nearby threats, with a new decoy ability that draws away any dangers. It also now has an emergency shield that provides 15 seconds of protection, but it swiftly consumes the Cyclops' energy, so only use it when needs must. If you do start to take serious damage, the Fire Suppression option should deal with any fires inside the ship.

And lastly, if all of the defensive options fail and your vessel becomes a wreck at the bottom of the ocean, you can now salvage materials that will help to build a replacement submarine.

For more on this update you can check out the full patch notes for the update on the official site. Which part of the update is your favourite?


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