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Strafe's director on mixing up Quake and Spelunky

Plus more on VR and potential console versions of the classically inspired shooter.

During QuakeCon this year one game that we managed to get hands-on with was Strafe. The Kickstarted shooter by Pixel Titans is an ode to Quake and thus it's a natural fit for the Dallas-based event.

After trying it for ourselves we sat down with director Thom Glunt, who showed us the game and talked us through the main features. Notably Glunt explained the influences and what they aim to achieve with the classically-themed shooter:

"We want to take all the things that we learned in the past twenty years and just apply that to the things we love from older shooters because unfortunately, I mean shooters have grown and evolved and whereas those games are fun and still good, it sadly just abandoned a lot of the older sensibilities, it's like at the expense of those older games.

"So our goal when we started development was just to kind of praise the idea that offence is defence, and mobility, and along with that, take some of the jank out and some of the things that don't play well anymore.

"Also you know with the rogue-like elements that's something that personally I'm a big fan of. Spelunky and Quake were just two very influential games, so I really loved the idea of kind of mixing the formula of both of those."

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You can see the whole gameplay presentation in the clip above. Glunt also explained how they're working on a VR build of the game, as well discussing potential console ports of the game.

"It's not something we threw in just for the sake of it, we really enjoy VR and we think that the experience will be great for some people. But it'll also make some people super sick, so definitely try at your own risk. We are doing a lot to curb motion sickness though, it isn't something that we're just slapping on.

Regarding consoles he said: "We're figuring it out, we're in talks. We do like the idea, but at the same time my sole focus is to make sure that nothing in this game gets changed for the sake of a console, you know adding controller support, adding those elements, those will mainly be things for the console and not affect the PC side of things."


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