Counter-Strike 2

StarLadder makes competitive Counter-Strike 2 even busier

A bunch of events have been revealed all the way up until the 2027 season.

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If you thought competitive Counter-Strike 2 was already busy enough, with events being hosted and operated by BLAST, ESL FACEIT Group, and PGL, you would be wrong. StarLadder is getting in on the action too, and has announced a slate of events planned for the 2025 and 2026 seasons.

Four events, Seasons 19-22 of StarLadder have been confirmed, with two events planned per season. 2025 will see Season 19 between May 26 and June 1 and then Season 20 between September 12-21. The 2026 season will see Season 21 between May 25-31 and Season 22 from September 11-20.

Each event will feature 16 attending teams, with qualifiers held beforehand to determine who those teams will be. Likewise, it's unclear just what the prize pool will be for each event, but no doubt the best around the world will want to be in attendance for a slice of that pie all the same.

StarLadder has not been hosted in the CS space since 2019 when Season 18 took place, making this set be a six-year comeback.

Counter-Strike 2

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