Square Enix at Gamescom

Strong line up in Cologne

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As Square Enix combine their portfolio of games with recent acquisition Eidos they will have an impressive line up on games on display in Cologne at Gamescom next month. One highlight is the world playable premiere of Supreme Commander 2 from Gas Powered Games. Of course this is the list of titles that have been announced, there might still be one or two surprises. Rumours of a new Kane & Lynch are running hot, and it could be a candidate to show behind closed doors in Cologne.

This is the combined Eidos and Square Enix line up that will be showcased in the stand at Gamescom:

Batman: Arkham Asylum PC/PS3/360
Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP
Final Fantasy XIII PS3/360
Final Fantasy XIV PC/PS3
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Wii

Front Mission Evolved PC/PS3/360
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Mini Ninjas DS/PC/PS3/Wii/360
Nier PS3/360
Order of War PC

Pony Friends 2 DS/PC/Wii
Supreme Commander 2 PC/360

Square Enix at Gamescom

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