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Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3's story mode is ideal for new players

And it will be a great way for series veterans to test out weapons and strategies.

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During the Nintendo Treehouse presentation, the highlight of the broadcast was the live test of Splatoon 3's Story Mode, where presenters were able to demonstrate their skills with a variety of weapons across several levels in the world of Alternia, where the story of Splatoon 3 will take place.

Wielding Agent 3 (one of the main Inklings) we saw a submachine gun (which they called Splash-o-Matic) and a chainsaw-like weapon that launched ink by shaking it from side to side, and with a charged attack that increased the distance the ink could reach.

Over the course of 3 scrolling missions in which we had to activate various checkpoints and eliminate various paintball sniper machines, we also saw some of the shooting and jumping challenges to be performed. The last part of the presentation was the most interesting, because we were able to see the inkbow in action, which seems to be a more difficult weapon to handle but with a higher power than the previous ones.

It looks like this single-player mode will be bigger than Splatoon 2's and will showcase a variety of challenges and scenarios to test your inking skills.

Splatoon 3Splatoon 3
Splatoon 3Splatoon 3

The free Splatoon 3 demo is available to download now.

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