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The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man movie tie-in by Beenox

Amazing Spider-Man due next year.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time might only be out today, but according to a poster snapped at New York Comic Con, developer Beenox is already hard at work on the next Spidey game.

IGN has photographed a poster debuting The Amazing Spider-Man, an obvious tie-in in the movie of the same name. The film is due next July.

Emblazoned upon the poster is Beenox's logo as well as Activision's. There's no release date, but one can safely assume it'll coincide with the theatrical release.

If that's the case then Beenox join Transformers developer High Moon Studios in handling both original and movie interpretations of their respective franchises, rather than the move tie-in being farmed out to another developer.

The Amazing Spider-Man

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