Immortal: Unchained

"Souls-inspired shooter" Immortals: Unchained coming to PS4

An interesting blend, that's for sure.

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Immortal: Unchained has been unveiled today, a self proclaimed "souls-like shooter" coming to PlayStation 4, as revealed by Sebastian Thorwaldsson on the official PlayStation blog.

The game is in development from Toadman Interactive, and here's a short description for you: "Immortal: Unchained is a new game inspired by the Souls-like genre. My colleagues and I are all avid fans of the genre and wanted to make our own unique take on it. So what's new? Well, it's set in a pretty crazy futuristic fantasy world, currently collapsing in a cosmic event. You are a living weapon, and your goal is to bring an end to this cataclysm. Also, we chose to make it a shooter, with guns."

Immortal: UnchainedImmortal: Unchained

The devs go on to explain that it's much less of a reflex shooter and relies more heavily on well-timed dodges and attack direction. Narrative-wise, it's fairly light for those that just want to kill stuff, but there'll be a lot of hidden and untold content that will require some reading between the lines. Notably, they have Anne Toole and Adrian Vershinin working on the story, who have previously worked on The Witcher and Battlefield 1 respectively.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments. Can a souls-inspired shooter work?


Update: The game is also coming to PC and Xbox One.

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