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Someone has built Sauron's Tower in Valheim

The Lord of Mordor sees all.

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It doesn't feel like we go a day without speaking about Valheim at the moment, and considering it doesn't seem to be getting any less popular anytime soon that probably won't be changing either.

When you have millions of players mucking about in your massive world, some really cool creations can pop up, and Valheim has seen the addition of one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in The Lord of the Rings series, Sauron's Tower.

The massive tower was first reported on by PCGamesN, and was built by modder Rynborg. Designed to look exactly like Barad-dûr (the actual name the tower is given in the series), the building was constructed with stone, and even features the Eye of Sauron made of fireplaces and torches, as a nice little cherry on top.

You can check out a video showcasing the huge and menacing building from RalladoGamer that takes you on a short tour around its many dark and dreary passages.


Thanks, PCGamesN.

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