Skullgirls removes Nazi imagery, sexualisation of minors, internet implodes

The game has been hit with hundreds of negative reviews since the developers announced the changes.

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Skullgirls, the hit fighting game that released all the way back in 2012, is making some changes. As outlined in a forum post, the Content Updates and Revisions which hit Skullgirls earlier this week has made some changes to certain content found in the base game.

Three aspects of the base game have been heavily targeted, including "allusions to real-world hate groups," the fetishization/sexualisation of characters, especially younger fighters, and content believed to be in poor taste regarding race. A lot of these changes were made to the game's art, and story mode, where red armbands were removed whenever they appeared, for example.

These seem like incredibly understandable changes, all things considered, and yet the internet is ablaze as Skullgirls has been hit with hundreds of negative review on Steam. However, a lot of true fans of the game have hit out against the criticism, labelling those who are angry as those that have a low amount of hours in the game, and are "too horny for their own good."


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