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Shutting down old-gen Destiny opens the door for PC

Rise of Iron is "the best way to learn about Destiny's universe" says Bungie's Luis Villegas.

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The much desired PC version of Destiny may well be a little bit closer to becoming reality, this after what Bungie lead engineer Luis Villegas told us yesterday at a press event for Rise of Iron, the new expansion launching on PS4 and Xbox One today (Tuesday, September 20).

Villegas said that the company is focused right now on developing the game further on PS4 and Xbox One because about 90% of the user base is now on these two systems. He also promised that Bungie will keep supporting the old-gen versions of the game to ensure that players have a good experience with the content that they have already paid for.

But Villegas also stated that leaving behind the two old-gen platforms opens the door to bringing a new one in, as it was too much work for the studio to support four platforms at the same time. This obviously wasn't confirmation of Destiny coming to PC, but at least it suggests that they're still thinking about the logistics of making it happen.

Luis Villegas, Lead Engineer at Bungie.

The engineer was in Madrid to introduce and detail Rise of Iron. Villegas told us his opinion that this is "the best way to learn about Destiny's universe", because if someone starts playing right now they'll "come in at the point to see a new story and to know what happened before".

He believes that this is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to enlist, but also it's a good chance to bring back old players with its refreshed narrative (since The Taken King and now with Rise of Iron) and new content such as private online matches.

When asked whether this new mode is an indication that Bungie are planning to move Destiny into the esports arena, Villegas answered that they are expecting player feedback from private matches first, and from that they will assess what might be the best way to make Destiny more competitive.

In fact, the idea of monitoring the community was brought up several times during his talk in Madrid. He revealed that the team spends time watching how players try to complete new content. With a suspicious smile he refused to answer if old Raids would be updated, but did hint at potential surprises.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is already available to download. Gamereactor's review is coming in the next few days, so stay tuned for that.

Cosplayer Nebulaluben with a replica axe made by Bungie.

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