Jet Set Radio

Sega launches a range of Jet Set Radio clothing

Could this be a sign that Sega is working on a sequel?

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Back when Sega was all the rage during the Dreamcast era, Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio in the US), was one of the most innovative and quirky titles available. It sported jet-powered inlines, street culture, graffiti, and funky music that remains etched in our heads (Funky rhythm comin' atcha!), and an artstyle unlike anything else. It pains us to come to terms with the fact that there hasn't been a new entry in the series since Jet Set Radio Future launched on the original Xbox in 2002 (there was a top-down port of Jet Radio Radio released on GBA in 2004, but that's one we tend to forget about). Since then we've heard of a couple of developers pitching their ideas for a sequel to Sega, but nothing has come of it. Clearly, this is a franchise that is still loved, as evident by the fact that it won an online vote of what games Sega should give the Sega Ages treatment on Nintendo Switch.

Is all hope lost then? Not quite. The Japanese company has recently unveiled a line of clothing and accessories sporting the iconic look of Jet Set Radio. There is hoodies, t-shirts, patches, a tablet case, and even a denim jacket.

Jet Set Radio
Jet Set RadioJet Set Radio

Beyond a possible inclusion in the Sega Ages Collection, we'd love to see Sega make the third game in the series, preferably with some of the original talent involved. Do you hope to see a new Jet Set Radio?

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