Splinter Cell: Conviction

Sam Fisher is now on Twitter

"My mission is one of justice." Ooook.

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Twitter, the micro-blogging site so loved by marketeers everwhere (hey, look, follow us!). Now Sam Fisher, calling himself Real_SamFisher since he's keeping it real on the Internet, has set himself up with his own Twitter account so he can "keep a low profile". Alright, that made...sense.

It's hard not to laugh a bit when you get such great quotes as "sometimes the pain is overwhelming. What am I here to do? It's good to be able to rely on your team for strength and direction" and "not sure I can do this thing alone...gonna need support. keep your ears to the ground, contact me here only. I'll surface when it's safe" from it. But do follow Sam if you want to hear more, and presumably get a lot of Splinter Cell: Conviction-links at the same time.

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Where's my cell? I need to put this on Twitter!

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