Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot

Rush'N Attack returns

Classic returns courtesy of Czech developer

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Konami have decided on returning to the classic Rush'N Attack franchise, 25 years after the original game was released. They have entrusted Vatra Games out of Brno, Czech Republic with the task of giving us a new Rush'N Attack for PSN and XBLA. Vatra is part of the Kuju family of studios, but consists to a large extent of former Illusion Softworks personnel who worked on the Hidden and Dangerous series.

Have a look at the images from the Unreal Engine powered game below as you await the release of the game this fall.

Four lethal bullet points from the fact sheet:

* Stealth Combat Action - Using both stealth and brute force, players will escape from their imprisonment with a new level of action

* Fast Paced Platforming - Stay sharp and move quickly as you progress towards your objectives through challenging platforming

* Massive Levels - Fight your way through three environments with multiple levels full of hidden items, secret locations, and relentless soldiers trying to track you down

* Killer Graphics - Built on the Unreal Engine, players will have a visual feast that is unparalleled in other downloadable games

Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot
Rush'n Attack Ex-PatriotRush'n Attack Ex-Patriot
Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot
Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot
Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot

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