RuneScape's RuneFest tournament winner disqualified

Accusations of DDOS attacks were launched at Reign of Terror.

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Although RuneScape is a giant RPG, it still has its own competitive edge, and as reported by Kotaku one tournament for the game has caught the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The competition was the finals of a tournament for Old School RuneScape at RuneFest in London (an extended article on which you can read here), with $20,000 USD at stake, as well as $10,000 USD being donated to a charity of the winner's choice, but accusations of foul play have been made. Jagex made the rules clear - you fight each other on your island of 50 (there were four islands), but you can't team up, or you'll get disqualified, as some players did.

That wasn't the biggest issue, though, as competitors also got disconnected, with some believing this was due to DDOS attacks. At the end of the tournament, a player of the Reign of Terror clan called 5PLUS50K12 was left as the winner, but the combination of the two led people to suspect the worst, and cheating accusations started, especially since Reign of Terror has been accused of DDOS attacking in the past.

In a statement on the tournament, though, Jagex said that the 5PLUS50K12 had been disqualified as he had been "responsible for the creation of a bot farm," leading people to suspect this had to do with DDOS attacks.

Jagex doesn't know right now what to do with the money, but their ideas include dispersing money among finalists, carrying it over to next season, or charitably donating it. What would you like to see done with it?


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