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Runescape's new Archeology skill will land on March 30

It's the 28th skill in total for the 19-year-old MMO, and this one will raise the level cap for all players with new places to explore too.

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After waiting over four years for the next Runescape skill, fans will be more than chuffed to know that the Archeology skill and expansion is finally arriving on March 30.

As the name implies, the 28th skill turns you into an Architect where you'll be delving into several dig sites across Gielinor to find ancient relics that will unlock a bunch of perks like adrenaline boosts and infinite run energy. It will also reveal a bit more about the world with a new storyline focused on the Elder Gods, along with an elite skilling armour and a freaky child mummy for a pet called Archie.

Free players don't have to worry either since Archaeology won't be an elite skill and can be levelled up to a level cap of 20 with around two hours of play. If you're a paying member you can happily grind all the way to 120 like the Dungeoneering, Invention and Slayer skill if you're devoted to hitting things.

That's not all either since this is just part of an expansion which will also bring five new yet-to-be-revealed locations for you to explore as well through future updates coming later this year.

Will you be heading back to Runescape for another adventure?


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