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RuneScape's Land Out of Time update has arrived

Anachronia brings dinosaurs, new activities, and plenty more into the RPG in time for summer.

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Jagex has revealed that the summer update for RuneScape, called The Land Out of Time, is now available in the RPG to introduce players to an entirely new world called Anachronia, featuring dinosaurs and other new features to explore.

You can build a base as a part of this update, and there's the longest agility course in RuneScape history as well, not to mention an activity called Big Game Hunter that's all about tracking and trapping dinosaurs.

This is just one of the many updates uncovering Gielinor's past, with each bringing new quests and activities, following on from Desperate Times in May.

"We're really excited that after 11 years the shipbuilders of Varrock have finally finished their ship and we can set sail to The Land Out of Time. Today's launch brings significant new ways to play in RuneScape, not least the deadly cat-and-mouse game with our dinosaurs in Big Game Hunter, and the longest agility course in Gielinor ever, which goes around the entire landmass of Anachronia. We can't wait to begin revealing more of the mystery surrounding the island over the months ahead," lead designer Dave Osborne says.

All experience levels can access this content, although some aspects like Big Game Hunter requires proficiency in certain skills. Before you head on in though, be sure to check out the trailer down below.

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