Overwatch 2

Runaway is returning to competitive Overwatch

After leaving the scene and shutting down almost three years ago.

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During its darkest days as a competitive esport, we saw many major organisations and teams exiting Overwatch and instead focusing their efforts elsewhere. This was partly down to the massive price tag attached with acquiring an Overwatch League spot, but also due to the limited support the tier 2 scene and below saw from Blizzard. However, now that the Overwatch League is dead and the Overwatch Champions Series is seemingly looking to make it even easier to get into the esport, one of the most historic and famous Overwatch teams is returning.

After shutting down in June 2021, Korean organisation Runaway has announced that it is returning and that it will be revealing more information (likely its roster) very soon. Considering there are a lot of talented Korean pros without a team right now, this could even see many of Runaway's former stars coming back together and competing once again, as though it was the pre-OWL era of competitive Overwatch.

Overwatch 2

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