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Perfect Dark

Rumour: The new Perfect Dark is a remake of the original

LinkedIn has once again proven to be a great source of information.

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The information regarding the new Perfect Dark game has been rather poor since the adventure was announced more than two and a half years ago. We do know that it's being developed by The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics, but other than that it's mostly just loose rumours and hard-to-place gossip - and now it's time for another batch of unconfirmed information to add to our knowledge base.

The always razor sharp detectives over at ResetEra have found a LinkedIn profile from someone working on the game in question, and in this document the title is referred to as Perfect Dark (Remake), which it has never been before. This can of course just be a way to distinguish the new game from other installations in the series, but since they have previously talked about a reboot (and not a remake), it is still worth mentioning in this context.

Whether the information would turn out to have any deeper truth remains to be seen, but we here at Gamereactor think it really is time for Joanna Dark to show herself again. The wait has been far too long.

Perfect Dark

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