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Razer releases Pikachu-themed wireless headphones

Peripheral manufacturer Razer has released a pair of wireless in-ear headphones for all Pokémon enthusiasts.

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Tech manufacturer Razer has added to its Pikachu product-line with this latest release. The wireless headphones have been advertised on the company's Chinese website and were scheduled for release in Asia yesterday, with prices starting from £113, or €130.

With the headphones comes a PokeBall charger. The ball is small enough to fit in your hand or pocket and looks amazingly realistic in comparison to the anime PokeBalls that Ash would band around the Pokemon world.

Pokemon, or rather Pikachu as a character, has reappeared into the mainstream over the past few years. The little ball of lightning had its own movie released last year, and also saw its own gaming keyboard, mouse and mouse mat manufactured by Razer in 2019 as well.

Razer releases Pikachu-themed wireless headphones

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