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Nuclear Throne

Rami Ismail: "I'm very excited to be back as Vlambeer"

And the studio are still considering bringing Nuclear Throne to Xbox One and now Switch.

This year was the third successive year that Vlambeer's Rami Ismail attended Gamelab, and once again he spared a few minutes to talk to us and tell us about what he's been up to.

After having spent the best part of the year touring the world and meeting other devs, facilitating game development in growing markets, Rami is looking forward to his return to work with Vlambeer.

"We've started talking about our next project, but we're not at a point where we have a next project, it's just like we want to do a next project. So currently we're doing a lot of maintenance on our older games, and then hopefully in the nearby future, we might have a nice prototype that's really fun.

"I'm very excited to be back as Vlambeer, and to start making games again, because [...] it's just a fun company and it's not a very stressful thing, it's just we have fun making games and I look forward to being back [...] in action."

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One game that's already out in the wild (post-apocalyptic wastelands) is Nuclear Throne, the twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements that went down a storm on PC and PlayStation 4/Vita.

Last year there was talk of an Xbox One version, and according to Rami "our negotiations are picking back up again", but the fact that they've been in "maintenance mode" means that the game isn't on the immediate horizon. Of course, there's also the small matter of the Nintendo Switch, a console which Rami admits he's rather fond of. Might we still see Nuclear Throne on one or both platforms?

"As of yet we don't have any concrete plans. I would love to but it's a lot of work. And like I said, I've spent my last year working on fixing our old games so it might be more... it might be more interesting to me to just make something new instead [...] But if we can get the right partner to help us out with that, maybe those games will still come to Xbox One, and maybe Switch."

Nuclear Throne

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