The Ascent

PUBG owner buys The Ascent developer Neon Giant

The Swedish studio gets a Korean parent.

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The South Korean company Krafton, perhaps best known for owning PUBG: Battlegrounds, has revealed that they are buying the Swedish developer Neon Giants. According to Krafton themselves, the purchase is to enable them to continue developing and releasing high quality titles in the future. If you're unfamiliar with Neon Giants, they released their debut title last year, namely the cyberpunk-esque The Ascent.

So far, Neon Giants themselves has not announced any new games since The Ascent, but it has been known for some time that they are developing a first-person action game set in an open world. The takeover means that Neon Giants will now be under the same management as Unknown Worlds, which is behind Subnautica and the currently very popular studio Striking Distance. If Striking Distance sounds familiar, it's because they're the creators of the upcoming and extremely promising The Callisto Protocol.

The Ascent

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