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Project CARS

Project Cars has its own Multi-Class European Championship

It's an ESL event.

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The Project Cars website has announced the ESL Project Cars Multi-Class European Championship, starting on January 22 for the PlayStation 4, where 2,500 euros will be at stake in the Pro Class (around £2175).

"With two powerful classes of race car on offer, prepare yourself for a mighty battle for victory," the website says. "Each race will see two grids, two sets of drivers, take simultaneously to the track. A Pro Class will do battle behind the wheel of some of the world's most ferocious sports cars, whilst a Challenger Class will push its drivers to the limit in fender-to-fender racers. Two competitions on circuit at once, each fighting to find its own victor."

These classes, Pro Class and Challenger Class, will have different features. Those who impress in qualifying in Pro Class earn automatic qualification for the next championship race, however, those who finish in places five to seven go into the Challenger Class, who have to qualify for races by finishing in the top six of Go4ProjectCars tournaments, hosted weekly. After the third and the sixth race, the top five of these will face the bottom three in the Pro Class for a Promotion Race.

The first qualifying event will be on Sunday January 22, and more details can be found on ESL's website. It's easy to sign up as well, as all you need to do is sign up on ESL, log into your PS4, check who you're playing and then take to the tarmac.

For more on the format and the schedule visit this link. Do you like how Project Cars is moving into the esports scene?

Project CARS

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