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Killer Instinct

Plenty of gameplay from the new Killer Instinct slaughter

Two gameplay clips ahead of next week's release.

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We're exactly one week away from the release of the latest fighter for Iron Galaxy's Killer Instinct. It's none other than Thunder's little brother, who seemingly is even faster and every bit as deadly as his older sibling.

Eagle was mentioned in the original game, but this is the first time we get to play as him (actually, it's the first time he is ever shown at all). He is accompanied by a mechanical bird, who seemingly can be used for some nasty defensive air launches.

Killer Instinct is also coming to Steam sometime this year, but it's already playable for Windows 10 and of course Xbox One. Enjoy two clips of Eagle gameplay below, facing Fulgore and Shin Hisako.

Killer Instinct

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