Phil Spencer: Xbox Game Pass more important than Xbox sales

Phil Spencer explained the importance of Xbox Game Pass in a recent interview and as it turns out, Game Pass is a heavy hitter for Xbox.

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Microsoft recently revealed that its subscription service Xbox Game Pass has grown a whole lot lately and has now passed ten million users. This is, of course, a very high number, and today, Microsoft considers Xbox Game Pass more important than overall Xbox console sales.

In an interesting interview with BBC, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer, as per usual, had a lot to share, that likely will cause som stir in social media and video game forums. He thinks it is OK if families don't want to buy a new Xbox this year, as Microsoft's strategy isn't solely built around this:

"But our strategy is centred around the player, not the device. If this is not the year when a family wants to make a decision to buy a new Xbox, that's OK. Our strategy does not revolve around how many Xboxes I sell this year."

Spencer then goes on to explain how important Xbox Game Pass is for the company. The service is currently available for PC and Xbox One, but that is about to get expanded to streaming with xCloud so you can play Xbox without any dedicated gaming hardware at all:

"We're focused on delivering services through Xbox Game Pass, which allows people to build their library for a monthly fee. Backward compatibility means that the console that they have will play thousands and thousands of games. Smart delivery means when they move to the next generation, the games will move with them."

What do you think of this strategy?

Phil Spencer: Xbox Game Pass more important than Xbox sales

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