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PGL confirms Counter-Strike 2 commitment until 2027

11 tournaments are planned by the tournament organiser over 2025 and 2026.

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With the PGL Major Copenhagen now in the books, the tournament organiser has used the mega Counter-Strike 2 tournament to reveal and lay out its plans for the future of the esport. PGL has revealed that it will be hosting 11 CS2 events throughout 2025 and 2026, signing a letter of intent to the esport until the 2027 season.

We're not told as of yet where many of these tournaments will be held, but we do know when they are planned. The 2025 schedule can be seen below, with the 2026 schedule below that.

PGL 2025 Tournament Schedule:

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #1: February 10-24

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #2: March 31 - April 14

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #3: May 3-19

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #4: September 29 - October 13

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #5: October 18 - November 3

PGL 2026 Tournament Schedule:

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #6: February 16 - March 2

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #7: March 23 - April 6

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #8: May 2-18

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #9: August 3-17

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #10: September 28 - October 12

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #11: October 19 - November 2

It should be said that not all of these events will be Majors, as due to ways that CS2 event licensing is changing as of January 1, 2025, PGL will be able to host non-Major events.

Talking about this change, the organiser stated, "For the first time since 2016, PGL will be able to organize CS2 Tier 1, non-major tournaments, signaling the end of the era dominated by a few esports organizers who created a monopoly on the Counter-Strike market. This initiative not only introduces a breath of fresh air into the competitive scene but also aligns with PGL's vision of fostering a more inclusive and varied esports ecosystem.

"PGL's ambition goes beyond merely increasing the number of tournaments; it aims to elevate the quality, excitement, and accessibility of competitive CS2 to new heights. We strongly believe that a larger number of tournament organizers will benefit everyone in the long run - teams, players, and fans worldwide."

Needless to say, the future of competitive Counter-Strike looks to be very, very bright.

Counter-Strike 2

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