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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES League World Tour 2018: TioMit_PW wins in Asia

For the first major event of the PES season, the Frenchman defeats Josesg93.

Ahead of the first FIFA eWorld Cup events, the PES League kicked off its new season this weekend with its first major offline event (at least, it was supposed to be an offline event), with the PES League World Tour 2018, as it's now called, taking place at the Japan Football Museum in Tokyo.

The event included 16 competitors, including the eight finalists that featured in the 2017 World Finals, and the eight best players of Season 1 (with at least one local player). Although a little less spectacular than usual, the tournament started in the worst way possible as the players were informed on-site that the event would take place online. This is far from being an insignificant detail considering how much it can influence the gameplay, especially at this level.

Given these conditions, it's no surprise that Frenchman Jeremy "TioMit_PW" Bruniaux was able to overcome the competition. After all, his peers call him "The Robot" because of his ability to stay focussed and not get distracted. He duly dispatched José Carlos "Josesg93" Sánchez from Spain in the final with a score of 1-0. You can watch their game between Liverpool and PSG by clicking here.

Second in his group, TioMit managed to beat another Spaniard, Álex "AlexAlguacil" Alguacil, in a quarter-final that was anything but easy, with the game having to be settled via penalties (4-2).

Meanwhile, the Frenchman prevailed in the semi-finals against Japanese player "SOFIA" (who in the previous round eliminated the Peruvian world champion "GuiFera") thanks to a goal scored in extra-time. Elsewhere, Josesg93 managed to comeback against Mayageka1993; he was losing 2-0 against the other Japanese player in the semi-finals, with the Spaniard finally winning 3-2. The final itself was a rather close game, and with the French player emerging victorious, he took home the $8,200 USD prize.

The next event - the Americas Round - will take place in March, and then the season will end as an event that runs alongside the Champions League final, which will take place this year in Kiev, Ukraine.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

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