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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES League Online Championship S1 qualifiers start tomorrow

This leads up to the Asia round.

Konami has announced that the PES League Online Championship 2018 Season 1 qualifiers will kick off tomorrow, October 12, allowing players to qualify for the Asia round, the first of three rounds leading up to the final round for the PES League World Tour 2018.

The Asia round will host 16 top players in Tokyo who will compete for the first load of Tour Points. The top eight players from last year's PES League will automatically qualify for the event, while eight additional competitors will be selected based on the aforementioned qualifiers. These will then be followed by the Americas and Europe rounds, and then the finals in the summer of 2018, where the best of the best will face off.

Also in this upcoming season there will be a competition for the game's new co-op mode, which players can compete in from the Americas round onwards, scheduled to be held in spring. More details will be announced later on, but for now do you like what you're hearing of the competition?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

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