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Payday 3

Payday 3 will launch with 8 unique heists

"Each heist will have its own identity," according to the developers.

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In the latest developer diary for Payday 3, Starbreeze dove deep into the heists of the game, how they function, and how many we'll be getting at launch.

Eight might not sound like a huge number, but they will each be incredibly unique, according to Starbreeze. "When the creative process starts," said Starbreeze producer Andreas Häll-Penninger. "We're always asking ourselves, what unique gameplay element does this heist have, and how do we make it look and feel unique, even if some of them have a similar setting?"

Also, we got confirmation that there will be plenty more to do with hostages in heists this time around. As well as being able to send them out to the police to get one of your teammates back in the fight, you can also negotiate to buy some extra time.

Stealth will be a bit kinder in certain heists as well. You won't immediately get the cops on you if you break stealth, which is good to know for that one clumsy player in your heist team. Check out more details on all of the above in the video below:


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