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Payday 3

Payday 3 goes stealthy in new trailer

Heists don't always have to result in a bloodbath.

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We've all been there. After planning everything down to the tiniest of detail, it's time to start a heist in Payday 2. Everything feels so cool when we sneak into the bank without raising an alarm and it seems like we'll get away with millions before anyone outside notices...until someone in the group throws a grenade instead of opening a door and all hell breaks loose. That, or the AI suddenly gets super-hearing and sight. Well, this new Payday 3 trailer allows us to start dreaming of the perfect heist again.

Because today's trailer focuses on the more stealthier options Payday 3 will offer when it launches on the 21st of September, and it makes it look so easy.

Payday 3

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